Monday, September 29, 2008

And along came Bill O'Reilly...

I'm already out of sequence here...

The first major brush with national media came a few days before the Wilkow call. After a couple of years of listening to Bill O'Reilly's radio show, I had heard him say how much he was a champion of free speech several times. It usually came after Ann Coulter got pied on some college campus; O'Reilly would then decry the "lunatics on the left" and draw a distinction between those that "can't form a rational argument and just want to shut their opponents up", and his show, where all opinions were welcome.

So I saw an opening when O'Reilly put a petition on his website that called for MSNBC to fire the 8 PM host (even then, he wouldn't say his enemy's name - in this case Keith Olbermann - aloud).

I organized a band of callers and we inundated his radio show for the better part of a week. Our message? We thought Olbermann was great.

O'Reilly bugged out.

Olbermann had a field day with it:

To this day, "The Fox News Police" is a running gag on Olbermann's show and throughout the blogosphere.

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